Website Development

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Web design is not just about creating pretty layouts. Its about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business.

We make your business look good online. We are experts to make your business outstanding and. We believe your website should stand apart. 

We have brilliant ideas for my every client. A- Star Innovation is anAdvertising Agency based in Lucknow. We offer your business exclusive web designing and developments. application developments, graphic Design, Software development, And E-commerce business Solution across All over India. 

We provide the perfect website resolutions and have a reputation for furnishing the quickest and most efficient  services for clients. Our services are cover each and every prospect our clients in Web development and designing. In website development a web developer is an interactive artist. Web development is the creation of dynamic web applications.

In website development we learn about coding so that we can make our own web applications.

There are two types of Web Development

  • Front-end Development: In this we learn 3 codes HTML, CSS and Java Script. HTML is the backbone of web development. CCS it is used for setting style, rules for the appearance of web pages. Java Script is a scripting language that’s widely used to add functionality and interactivity to web development.
  • Back-end Development: It controls what goes behind the scenes of a web application. Back-end scripts are written in many different coding language such as PHP, ASP.NET, Python.

    By the use of web development we make people or our client aware of the          services or products you are offering, why these products are relevant and          even necessary for them to buy or use and see which of your company’s              quality set ot apart from competitors. Web development is also necessary

    for your business process.